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D I C K I N S O N - I R O N   D I S T R I C T   H E A L T H   D E P A R T M E N T
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Staff List

Emergency Contact Information

Contact information for Public Health Emergencies: (The Health Department is normally open M-F 8:00am - 4:00pm CST)
Dickinson County -
During Business Hours : 1-906-774-1868
After Hours: 911
After hours out of Dickinson County:1-906-774-6262
Iron County -
During Business Hours: 1-906-265-9913
After hours: 911
After hours out of Iron County: 1-906-875-0650

Dickinson-Iron District Health Department

1374 Commercial Avenue, Crystal Falls 49920
Phone #: 1-906-265-9913
Fax #: 1-906-874-2950

818 Pyle Drive Kingsford MI 49802
Phone #: 1-906-774-1868
Fax #: 1-906-774-9910

Who To Call

To request a copy of your immunization or medical record call: (906) 774-1868 or (906) 265-9913

Daren Deyaert

Director/Health Officer
Phone: 906-779-7231

Dr. Robert Van Howe

Medical Director

Wade Dishaw

Environmental Health Director
Phone: 906-779-7215 wdishaw@didhd.org

Angela Applekamp, RN BSN

Community Health Services Director
Phone: 906-779-7228 aapplekamp@didhd.org

Jessica Perry, MLS

Emergency Preparedness Coordinator
Phone: 906-265-4156

Melissa Weston

Family Planning & STD Coordinator
Phone: 906-265-4187

Debbee Horton, RN BSN

Public Health Program Coordinator
Phone: 906-779-7211

Steve Dickman

IT Manager
Phone: 906-779-7202

Joe Stevens

Chair, Board of Health

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818 Pyle Drive, Kingsford, MI 49802 - Phone: 1-906-774-1868
601 Washington Ave, Iron River, MI 49935 - Phone: 1-906-265-9913