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Local Health Statistics

Local Health Statistics

What is the 2002 Dickinson-Iron Community Health Status Assessment and Improvement Report?

The 2002 Dickinson-Iron Community Health Status Assessment and Improvement Report is made up of 25 indicators that directly or indirectly measure the health of Dickinson and Iron County residents. The data reported in this document are based on numbers provided by local, state and federal sources. Links to state and national resources have been established to assist the reader interested in more detailed information.

Critical Health Indicators are organized into two interrelated components: focused indicators and vital statistics indicators. Focused indicators can be impacted in the short-term and reflect behavior choices and health care access and quality issues. Data collected on these indicators can serve as benchmarks and measure progress toward improving the state's health. Many of the indicators are provided with the year 2010 Objectives for the Nation. This provides our community with a goal to meet or exceed national standards.

By considering past trends, state and local health agencies can plan more appropriately for the future. The document also provides a state map for most indicators, ranking each county compared to the state, based on a three-year average rate. This graphic illustration of county ranking serves as a tool, and allows communities and local health agencies to compare their county or counties to others on selected critical health indicators. Dickinson-Iron District ranks high in several areas including adolescent alcohol and tobacco use, stroke deaths, unintentional injury deaths, and alcohol deaths. These areas present targets for current and future action.

In addition, the Dickinson and Iron County Community Health Status Report links provides a comparison of selected health statistics with other communities our size from across the nation. Areas of concern (higher than national average) include: Breast Cancer, Lung Cancer, Suicide, Heart Disease and Stroke, and Unintentional Injury.

Overall, the report supports policy making and program planning by stressing the importance of using outcome indicators to measure health status improvement. This report will be used by the Dickinson-Iron District Health Department, the Board of Health, and the Dickinson and Iron County Multi-purpose Collaborative Boards in reviewing progress and priority ranking of health issues to address in the community.

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