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The I.M.P.E.T.U.S. program provides home visiting services focused on improving outcomes for the family. Services include parenting education, Welcome Newborn Resource Guide, parenting newsletters, and information/referral.

  • Family Home Visiting: The major focus of this program is home visiting, using the team approach and family centered need philosophy. All enrolled children receive developmental screening and growth assessment on a periodic basis, and immunizations are assessed and referrals made to clinics. Interventions include parenting information, developmental information and nutrition education.

  • Parent Education Classes: Structured community-based parenting classes offer at risk families additional education plus the support that groups provide.

  • Welcome Newborn Resource Guide: The Welcome Newborn Resource Guide, which promotes the use of positive parenting techniques and provides parents with a written resource, is distributed at the local hospital to all new parents.

Target Population:

The target population served is the 0-3 year-old at risk population of Dickinson and Iron Counties with the exception of children in families who are on the active Children's Protective Services caseload. At risk pregnant women may also be served.

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