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MCIR Background

Childhood Imuunization is a top priority for the Michigan Department of Community Health. In December 1996, Governor Engler signed legislation authorizing the creation of the Michigan Childhood Immunization Registry [MCIR]. With the implementation of the MCIR, Michigan is one of the first states to have an immunization registry that is available to all public and private providers. Studies show that vaccines provide a cost-effective means to achieve a high standard of community health.

What is the MCIR

The MCIR....

  • Is an immunization record keeping system for children who receive immunizations in Michigan.
  • Can be thought of as a computerized shot record for children in Michigan.
  • Supports the effort to reduce and eliminate vaccine-preventable disease.

MCIR Goals

The MCIR is designed to:

  • Protect children and commnuities from vaccine-preventable diseases.
  • Decrease the number of missed opportunities to provide immunizations to children.
  • Increase Michigan's childhood immunization rate.

What can the MCIR do?

  • Provide copies of immunizations records for day care, school, and camp.
  • Decrease the number of phone calls that are made to health care providers to verify immunization records.
  • Send reminder and recall notices when the child is due or overdue for immunizations.

Immunizations Save Lives

Childhood immunizations have proven to be the most cost-effective intervention for diease prevention. The MCIR is a fundamental tool in Michigan's campaign to increase and then maintain our children's immunization rates.

The purpose of the MCIR

The MCIR electronicallyy records a child's immuninzation history, which allows a health care provider access to immunization records. They will be able to determine exactly which shots a child still needs or has already received. By receiving reliable information on a child's immunization status, health care providers are able to decrease the number of missed opportunities for administering immunizations to children and decrease over-immunization as well.

Target Population

Cildren age 0-35 months are the most susceptible to the vaccine-preventable diseases. That is why the MCIR has focused on this age group.

For more information about the MCIR and the Region 6 Upper Peninsula Regional Immunization Registry please contact us:

Dickinson-Iron District Health Department
Iron River Office: (906) 265-9913 OR
Kingsford Office :(906) 774-1868

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