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Private Water Supply Program

The purpose of the Water Well program is to protect the public from water-borne diseases and water quality that can adversely affect health. The primary way the Environmental Health division accomplishes this goal is by issuing well permits for individual residences and small public water supplies to ensure new wells are constructed properly and isolated from potential sources of contamination

Click here to access the Construction Application for On-Site Sewage and Water Supply System Permit and Fee Schedule

For additional information on well construction requirements, reference the following links:

Sampling your Water Supply

Environmental Health has bacteriological, partial chemical, and other sample bottles available for water sampling. Environmental Health recommends annual testing of water wells for bacteria and periodic sampling for nitrate and nitrite. Partial chemical test consist of chloride, fluoride, iron, hardness, nitrate, nitrite, sulfate, and sodium. Many other chemicals, pesticides, and metals can be tested. Bottles for these tests can also be obtained from the Health Department.

The bottles can be picked up at both offices.

  • Iron River Office, 601 Washington Street, Iron River, MI 49935
  • Kingsford Office, 818 Pyle Drive, Kingsford, MI 49802

This department is available to answer questions regarding water testing results. Call the Kingsford Office at 906-779-7239 or the Iron River Office at 906-265-4172.

Fact Sheets

Many fact sheets are available to provide information on water supply contaminants. The fact sheets can be obtained from the following website.

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