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On-site Wastewater Management Program

The purpose of the On-Site Wastewater Management program is to protect the public from exposure to diseases and to protect groundwater and surface water from becoming polluted with sewage. Environmental Health evaluates sites to determine if the soil is capable of treating the sewage to prevent disease causing bacteria and viruses from reaching the groundwater.

Sewage Permit Information

In addition, Environmental Health issues permits for the construction of On-Site Wastewater Sewage Systems (also called septic systems) and privies. It also evaluates existing systems for those property owners seeking to increase sewage flows or to connect a new dwelling to an existing system.

Click here to access the Construction Application for On-Site Sewage and Water Supply System Permit and Fee Schedule

For additional information on on-site sewage system construction requirements, reference the following links

Fact Sheets and Diagrams

Licensed Sewage Contractors

A list of licensed sewage contractors is provided to assist homeowners with the installation of on-site sewage systems.

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