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Bio-terrorism & Chemical Terrorism

If you believe that you have been exposed to a biological or chemical agent, or you believe an intentional biological threat will occur or is occuring, please contact your local law enforecment agency and your local health department.

Dickinson-Iron District Health Department

  • Dickinson County Office - 1-906-774-1868
  • Iron County Office - 1-906-265-9913

Or contact Iron or Dickinson County 911 dispatch for local enforcement

Or contact the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services- Division of Emergency Preparedness and Response.

  • Business hours: 1-517-335-8150
  • After Hours: 1-517-335-9030

What is the role of the Dickinson-Iron District Health Department in bioterrorism or chemical terrorism?

The health department is working cooperatively with state and local agencies to coordinate our response to a bioterrorism or chemical terrorism event.

If an attack should occur, the Dickinson-Iron District Health Department together with federal, state, and local emergency responders agencies have plans to minimize the risk and to treat those who may become ill. The Bioterrorism Response Plan will guide county/city emergency response agencies to detect and respond to bioterrorism events. Also, a chemical terrorism plan is currently being developed.

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services- Division of Emergency Preparedness and Response. has developed an enhanced disease surveillance system that tracks unusual clusters of disease. If a cluster is detected, local public health is prepared to investigate the disease and its possible sources. Public health information will be shared with the public through the media and other information dissemination vehicles.

The Dickinson-Iron District Health Department also has a plans and procedures developed for mass immunizations and prophylaxis distribution to ensure protection of persons exposed to biological agents, chemical agents and other emerging pathogens (influenza).

For more information regarding bioterrorism and chemical terrorism agents, reference the Center for Disease Controls fact sheets on this page or on the CDC website at Center for Disease Control

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